Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jax Taylor And Tiffany Matthews: Back Together?

Jax Taylor had been dating Carmen Dickman for months, but in early May, the pair reportedly split, and now, he seems to be back with the woman he was dating before Dickman, Tiffany Matthews.

Although neither party has confirmed the relationship, Taylor and Matthews recently spent time together at the Lowes Hotel in Santa Monica, Calif., where Taylor was recovering from rhinoplasty surgery (for a deviated septum).

During their stay, Taylor surprised Matthews with a black Balenciaga purse, which she shared a photo of on her Instagram page along with the caption, "Got a nice Surprise at the pool today!!!" In response to the photo, Savannah Chrisley (of Chrisley Knows Best) told Matthews to "hand it over," to which Matthews replied, "He did good."

Upon seeing the message Matthews sent back to Chrisley, Taylor favorited the tweet.

Adding to the speculation is another tweet by Taylor.

On Monday evening, Taylor tweeted to Matthews, sharing a photo of an apartment building, which he had previously told fans he could be moving into, and writing, "What ya think?"

Photo via Twitter


  1. I urge Jax to load up on penicillin. He's so dirty looking; nice girls stay away.

  2. Did Jax start dating Carmen while he was still in another relationship?