Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kristen Doute Gets Botox

Kristen Doute has gone under the.. needle.

On Friday, May 23, the Vanderpump Rules star took to Twitter where she revealed she was about to undergo her first round of Botox.

"About to endure my first round of botox ever," Doute tweeted.

Right away, fans began tweeting to Doute, wondering why she was doing something at such a young age -- and informing her that she certainly didn't need it.

"You don't need Botox!" one fan wrote. Another said, "You are gorgeous."

A third fan added, "You're so beautiful just the way you are! You are too YOUNG sweetie! Wait until you are 50."

However, Doute had her mind set and eventually opted for 65 units of Botox, which, depending on where she got the treatment done, can range anywhere from $450 to $800.

Photo via Instagram

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